You are what you promote. We have a gazillion promo products that we can secure for you. But each must meet two Tag-Ink benchmarks. First, they must be of substantial quality. We won’t let you put your good name on inferior merchandise. Think about it. What does it say to a potential customer of yours who receives a manufacturing seconds t-shirt with sloppy screen-printing? We’ll tell you, “not so much.” Second, we source as many “Made in the USA” products as possible. It’s a priority with us to find nationally produced items, and given the current situation, the best effort we can make to help keep Americans employed.

Besides the usual suspects such as coffee cups and t-shirts, our universe of available promotional items is impressive, vast and sometimes overwhelming. While we most prefer a conversation directly with you to narrow the scope, we are also happy to provide you with a direct link of some of our more popular items. Check out our products page for an idea of all the options we have available to you.

If you want your logo on it, we have it at Tag-Ink!


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“We provide our clients an opportunity to personally experience our benefits by seeing, feeling and touching the products.”